My Portfolio
I'm a senior technology writer and content expert with 20+ years experience creating technical, marketing and consumer content in Silicon Valley. I've also lived and worked in Russia, France, Germany, Israel, Mexico and other countries around the world and enjoy interacting with people from many places and cultures. I'm based in San Carlos, CA, with easy access to any location from San Francisco to San Jose. 

My focus is creating rich, engaging material that informs the user by explaining complex ideas in ways that are easy to understand. I also enjoy defining audiences, targeting content to those audiences, and building marketing solutions that deliver results. 

This site contains samples of the content I have created or managed over the past dozen years for customers, employers and clients. Please review as you like but I ask that you not share or download it without my permission. Thanks for your understanding!

p.s. What is "funkydow?" Years ago (in college and after) I worked at a wonderful boutique sports magazine, Track & Field News. An athlete from South Africa we followed was named something like Dawid Greeson, and around the office my first name was morphed into "Dawid," and eventually, "Daw."  Then one day when I walked in, a woman named Esther who worked there was listening to some hip-hop music, and she looked up and said to me, "What's happening, Funkydow?" And the name stuck. Besides, the domain name was available!
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