My Portfolio


Here are some sample projects I have created over the past few years. These include my own writing; managed content, where I engaged an expert content creator; and personal blogs and presentations. Click to see the original document, video or page.

My MRI, and Reflections on America Through a 1973 Album by Jackson Browne
How to Spend a Saturday Watching the Next Generation Learn to Listen, Discuss and Reason
Cisco Deployment Guide for Hybrid Data Security (.PDF)
Cisco Spark and iOS Integration (.PDF)
Cisco Directory Connector Administrator Guide (.PDF)
Complications Lead to Time Travel (Apple Watch)
What Exactly are Blueprints in Citrix Lifecycle Management? (Citrix corporate blog)
The Intergalactic Adventures of Len and Reece, complete parts 1 - 5 (comicbook series for IT prospects)  
Helping Users Get Started with Citrix Lifecycle Management (co-author)

Apple Developer: News & Announcements (website)

Apple Developer: What's New in iOS 4 (.PDF)
LivePerson Developer Community: Getting Started (website)
Applauze Enters the Ticket Sales and Events Market with Heroku (.PDF)
Severn Trent Water Resolves Customer Problems with Access to Real-Time Data (.PDF)   
RMS: A LivePerson API Success Story (.PDF) 
Firetalk Reviewer's Guide (.PDF)  
 VIDEO SCRIPTS (product intros)
 Citrix Lifecycle Management Overview  
 Citrix Lifecycle Management - Adding a Resource Location  
 Citrix Lifecycle Management - Adding a Blueprint  
 Citrix Lifecycle Management - Deploying a Blueprint  
MANAGED CONTENT (Apple Developer Connection)
Managing Concurrency with NSOperation. (.PDF) 
Leopard Technology Series for Developers (.PDF)
Podcast Producer: Anatomy of a Workflow (.PDF)
Developing Rails Applications on Mac OS X Leopard (.PDF)
Transforming a Shell Script into an Automator Action (.PDF)

The Day I Met the Leader of Russia’s First Democracy (Feb. 16, 2017)

Missing the Icon: Our Remarkable Trip to Vladimir, Russia During the 1993 Crisis (November 26, 2016)  
Creating a Developer Content Program (.PPT, Feb. 13, 2013)
Enterprise Is Sexy: Rebooting the Knowledge Navigator (Guest Blog, Feb. 23, 2013)
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